Late Pre-registration

Pre-registration is the process by which a potential registrant of a phase-in substance submits the required information to ECHA, which consequently allows him to benefit from the transitional regime for registration. The pre-registration period (1 June 2008 – 1 December 2008) is now over.

However, potential registrants who manufacture or import for the first time a phase-in substance in quantities of one tonne or more per year after 1 December 2008, can submit a late pre-registration provided they do so:

  • at the latest 6 months after manufacturing or importing a substance above the 1 tonne threshold per year; and
  • at least 12 months before the relevant transitional deadline for registration.

Late pre-registration does NOT apply to companies that failed to meet the pre-registration deadline. These companies cannot continue producing or importing the substance until they have submitted a full registration dossier for the relevant tonnage.

Late pre-registrations can only be submitted via the REACH-IT portal.
You can pre-register any substance one at a time with the online pre-registration functionality.
What you need to do to prepare and submit your late pre-registration to ECHA:

  1. Account creation in REACH-IT: As a late pre-registrant, you must sign-up in REACH-IT to create an account and be able to submit your dossier. In case you already signed up in the past, it is not necessary to create a new account for the purpose of late pre-registration.
  2. Submission to ECHA: Submit your information directly online using the REACH-IT portal.

Detailed information on the late pre-registration process is available in the Pre-registration section of this ECHA website: HERE

Source: Webiste of  the European Chemicals Agency (